Detroit Housing Commission Spring 2021 Remote Internship Program

The Detroit Housing Commission (DHC) is Detroit’s local public housing authority. DHC is a public agency whose mission is to effectively and efficiently develop, manage, and preserve quality affordable housing. Learn more at

Common Elements

  • Each student will have one core, discrete project for one semester, with the opportunity to complete more tasks as available from their supervisor.
  • Each student will have one dedicated DHC staff member with whom the student can speak with at least once per week.
  • Interns will have one cohort-wide meeting once a month to debrief and identify opportunities for the agency to improve. The DHC facilitator would step out for a few minutes to let the interns be open with each other before reentering.
  • The intern will have an interim interview to cover project progress and hear ideas
  • The intern will produce a final project-specific deliverable as well a memo reflecting on their experience with the agency and how it can function better.
  • DHC and the intern will have an exit survey/interview to gather details on how DHC can become a better agency and improve the internship experience.


  • Undergraduate or graduate students
  • Computer with webcam, microphone, and high-speed internet access
  • Zoom account and Microsoft Office subscription

To apply

  • Send a cover letter and resume to Patrick Braga (Development Project Manager, by November 30, 2020

Eight Internship Positions

  1. Web design internship
    • Deliverable: New and more attractive agency website, including instructions for how DHC staff can update and edit content
    • Desired experience: Coursework in information science, computer science, or other demonstrated experience in web design
  2. – 4. (Three interns) Business processes internships: Voucher Operations, Procurement, and Utility Billing Processes
    • Deliverable: Business and operations/process analysis and plan to streamline the section 8 housing voucher program and DHC’s procurement processes. For utility billing, the goal is to create a schedule, process diagram, or system of checklists for finance department staff to streamline utility account lookup and payment, which will support DHC’s transition to digital bill payments.
    • Desired experience and interests: Business administration, operations management, government, public policy, sociology, social work; for the utility billing: accounting, business administration
  • Affordable housing development internship
    • Deliverable: The intern will collaborate with DHC staff to identify and pitch a potential development project in Detroit that DHC could pursue. The intern will learn and apply principles of affordable and low-income housing development and finance, property acquisition, site planning and urban design, and local and federal programs that subsidize housing units.
    • Desired experience and interests: Urban planning, real estate, government, architecture, public policy, sociology, social work, and other relevant social sciences or design disciplines
  • Asset management and business systems internship
    • Deliverable: Business and operations/process analysis and plan for asset management processes, such as:
      • tenant selection and intake,
      • work order processes and maintenance delivery,
      • preventive maintenance and emergency work orders,
      • rent collection processing,
      • eviction prevention, and
      • other operating procedures for maintenance and management, with a focus on residents’ social concerns.
    • Desired experience and interests: business or public administration, public policy, real estate, sociology, social work, operations management/engineering
  • Communications/Public Relations internship
    • Deliverables: Branding, marketing, and public relations analysis and strategy; document templates for internal and external reports
    • Desired experience and interests: Marketing, graphic design, business administration, communications
  • Organizational behavior and management internship
    • Deliverable: Strategy for agency-wide goal alignment, internal communication, and operational cohesiveness, propose strategies to implement/pilot/try out for different departments to become more aligned
    • Desired experience and interests: Business administration, operations management/engineering, industrial organization, human resources, government, public policy, sociology, social work