Addiction, Violence, Insalubrity: How Is Esports Building a Billion-Dollar Empire?

Date and Time: Friday, February 21, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Location: Koessler Room, Michigan League (Dinner provided)

Let’s explore the underlying X factors of Esports! As a new era “gold rush”, Esports is redefining
the world of games. However, this billion-dollar industry is widely criticized for increasing the risk
of addiction, violence, and health problems. From game development to corporate social
responsibility, to higher education, how should Esports navigate the controversies?

Come join us at the panel discussion with Professor Katherine Babiak, Professor Austin Yarger, Ph.D.
student Luis Velazquez, and Arbor eSports’ president Alexander Ball. RSVP Here

Event hosted by Michigan China Forum